What's Your Most Embarrassing Hot Sauce Experience?

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If you're a hot sauce fan, odds are you've experienced an unexpected dose of hot sauce or surprisingly spicy food that was just a bit (or a lot) hotter than you expected.

For me, this generally leads to an embarrassing round of uncontrollable hiccups that only pass when my body forgets that I just tried to light it on fire. But there are also those times when that dose of spice leads to sweats, running noses, and far worse.

Reddit users from r/hotsauce and r/spicy share some stories about their most embarrassing reactions to extreme hot spice:

Kentucky Fried

First time I'd tried Blair's Sudden Death sauce, I was having dinner with my parents. We'd gotten some KFC and I'd decided to dump some sauce on my chicken (wasn't unusual for me to do that, but I hadn't had anything quite as spicy as it yet). Ate my first piece pretty quickly and started having a massive hiccup fit that lasted ten minutes straight. It was only after my mom saw the bottle that she clued in to what caused it.


Get Back on That Horse

So I'm in one of my favorite stores in the world (a store dedicated only to amazing condiments in Fredricksburg Tx). I'm with my family, in particular, I'm with my bro-in-law and my little brother. As often is the case we wander into the hot sauce section. My little brother dares me to try a sauce and he'll try one hotter. I am no stranger to quite hot sauces so I try the Black Mamba (Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 800,000 - 1,000,000). I have had really hot sauces and I handle myself as if it weren't as hot as it was. I wander over to the jams and cheeses and am back to normal in minutes. My little brother, in turn, tries a to best me by trying a Trinidad scorpion sauce (about 2,000,000 SHU), he immediately runs for water and to all of the other free samples to cool his burning mouth but does alright in my book.

My brother in law, ever the anxious to upstage anyone when it comes to food challenges reaches for the Mad Dog 357 (about 3,000,000 Scoville units) and takes it down. At first, he says out loud, "It's not that bad." Then his face turns beat red and you can almost see the smoke explode out of his ears. He runs to the bathroom and immediately throws up while simultaneously trying to get some water from the sink. Now the sauce is in his mouth throat and nose, he is pouring tears and other bodily fluids from his face. My sister has to go into the men's bathroom and escort him out of the bathroom. He then buys a jar of honey butter and proceeds to eat the entire jar. He recovers about 30 minutes later. Completely embarrassed.

End of the story, he went back to the store later and bought the sauce that beat him. I found out afterward he really did like hot sauce and he had never had any sauce that he couldn't handle like that. We are friends and continue to try and make hot sauce together today.


In the Eye of the Beholder

At a friends house and this guys brother shows off his mad dog 357. Never had it before so he's like "nah it's really hot, dude." Not to be a bitch I put a big dab on my finger and slurped that shit up. Eyes wide in horror they watched my reaction to it, which wasn't really much save for a little forehead sweat and eyes watering up. I wipe my eye, and horror crept in as I realize it was the dab finger. Now THAT was a reaction that made them hoot. I wasn't the same for the next thirty minutes.


Wings of Death

While I was in university there was a wing place that did a special for students on certain days of the week. We used to go a lot and so I found a favorite sauce that I would always get. After getting back from summer break we picked right back up going once a week, and about halfway through these wings I realize that I have lost all spicy tolerance in my time away from those delicious wings, causing me to melt down I'm talking runny nose, sweating, red face, and slowly losing the ability to speak. It was horrible even though all of my friends thought it was pretty funny. Eventually a passing waitress saw my distress and said "oh honey I'll go get you some milk"


Group Project Gone Wrong

First time I ate dave's insanity sauce in like 1998 I didn't know about extract and pepper wasn't one of the top ingredients so I poured a big blob on a chip. I was at a classmate's house for a group project and drank a half gallon of milk, puked it up, had diarrhea and learned a valuable lesson.


"Fire in the Hole"

Mostly just hiccups and blowing the nose. Later that day is when I feel the fire in the hole.

– sglville  

Too Much Mad Dog 357

My next door neighbor took a full teaspoon of Mad Dog 357 for some money. Within about 10 minutes he was puking. About 10 minutes after that he had taken most of his clothes off and was screaming in pain holding his stomach. He was also crying. his brother called 911 and the paramedics came and kinda laughed. He started to feel better after about 50 minutes. Worth the 40 bucks. Felt kind of bad though. Also this guy is 33 years old lol.

Unfortunately not much was filmed i have 1 or 2 10 second clips saved in my snap chat memories. I stopped filming when it went from laughing at him puking to him in tears screaming in pain. Definitely should have filmed that whole situation though.

Dave's and Cheetos?

 Not myself, but one of my classmates decided that instead of a spoonful of daves ghost pepper sauce, he was going to splash it all over his cheetos and gobble those fuckers down. he depleted about a quarter of the bottle.

about 15 minutes later he was curled up in the fetal position in the hallway begging someone to get him some milk.

– tunersharkbitten

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October 04, 2018

I once forgot to thoroughly wash my hands after having some hot ones and then proceeded to shave. Let me tell you, my butt hole, taint, and balls burned so bad I thought all 3 had melted together. What a mess.


May 24, 2018

One of my favorite sauces is Dave’s Ghost Pepper. I use it sometimes when I make ramen noodles—- I add a pinky nail’s worth and it’s delicious. A few years ago I did this while I was making a midnight snack. I didn’t wash my hands when I was done. When I was having said snack, I adjusted my shorts in the groin area.

Ultimately I wish I had a tank of milk to jump into. I was on fire! Won’t be making that mistake ever again.

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