Five Interesting Reasons Why We Swear By Hot Sauces

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Most trends come and go. But not hot sauces. Ever since hot sauces have taken the world by storm, they just continue to gain more popularity.

There are many unique reasons as to why hot sauces are loved by many. And here we will discuss five of the most interesting ones. 

You Love Making Great Conversations

Hot sauce is a great conversation starter. Those who say they dislike hot sauce are often surprised to learn that there are so many kinds, flavors, and levels of heat, and that there are usually a few flavors they do like. I think you should try ourMasochist Subscription Box to discover new super hot sauces every month.

You get to talk about how it makes your dinner, no matter how bland, infinitely more exciting whenever it's doused with your favorite hot sauces.  Or how a small dab gives a kick to any drink, even something as simple as a glass of Love On The Rocks.

Ultimately, hot sauce makes a lot of aspects in your life more interesting. And that means you get to have more interesting stories to share with visitors.  It’s a legit way to improve current friendships and an effective way to make new ones.  

You Love The Adrenaline

Experts have looked into why people are into hot sauce. There was a study in the 80s conducted by Paul Rozin from the University of Pennsylvania which showcased that people who like roller coasters were also fond of spicy food just the same.

It can't be denied that, as humans, we love subjecting ourselves in situations that are both safe and scary. We love to watch scary movies and be mentally tortured by the horrors of haunted houses. Others love to skydive and bungee jump just to freak themselves out. And the list goes on. All of these things are ways that some people get a physical or emotional rush with a low risk of getting hurt.

Different strokes for different folks, but the overlap is that we want the adrenaline that comes from “We're kind of like the wildest type of animal in that respect” -- sensation seekers!

You’ve Been Exposed To It Long Enough

Spicy food can be an acquired taste. Sometimes you just get exposed to it long enough to develop a liking towards hot sauces -- one of the best things that could happen in life, really.

Maybe it was part of the culture you grew up in, where people just put a lot of spices and hot sauce on their food. You naturally cultivate the same proclivity and find that most foods are just bland without a little heat on them. So you actually find comfort in applying different scoville levels on your meals.

The point is you don’t have to be so young as to be in your mother’s womb to develop a liking towards spicy stuff. It is arguably a way of life that can be practiced and be accustomed to. You could be in your mid 30s never having touched a single spicy food item in your life and still find yourself being unable to live without hot sauces after acquiring a liking for them.

You Love Showing The World What You’re Capable Of

There was another study back in 2013 that revealed an interesting divide in why men and women go for hot sauce. What was found is that their motivations were different.

Women seemed more likely to enjoy hot sauce merely for the burn and the endorphins that came with it. Men, on the other hand, saw hot sauce as a challenge. The study emphasized that the cultural association of consuming spicy foods has a strong correlation with how machismo and strength formed a learned social reward for men.

There are many hot sauces that will have you on your knees begging for mercy. It’s a good way to practice humility, a challenge to overcome. One that will knock you down a few too many times until you learn that all the best things in life take a lot of patience.

You Love The Different Flavor Profiles

It’s not just about loving the heat, but also about thewonderful array of flavors that hot sauces can offer. Kind of like a box of chocolates, but in a more extreme sense. There’s always something new to expect in every bottle of hot sauce. Suffice to say every hot sauce has its own personality and arguably the best way to add more character to your food.

Share your favorite super spicy moment in the comments section below. 

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